Neal Malek (@nealmhair) of Orlando, Florida says he loves doing color corrections.

"I spend most of my days doing vivids and balayage. I would say I get about five new clients a week from Instagram. I am a Brazilian Bond Builder sponsored artist and I travel all over with them and our team which I love. My favorite thing to do is coloring hair and doing photo shoots."

We are a fan. When we saw this makeover on Instagram, we had to know more. Malek shares the details for this four hour transformation:

"This client found me on Instagram actually drove two hours and it was her first time coming to me. She has Asian hair so and her roots, a level 2, had not been done in months. They were about three inches long."

Step 1: Apply Redken Flash Lift - 40 volume - Brazilian Bond Builder (B3) 1/2 inch off the scalp to lighten roots that were not close enough to scalp.

Step 2: Use same formula to touch up the last 1/2 inch of root closer to scalp.

Step 3: Process 45-50 minutes with a cap.

Step 4: Rinse shampoo and tone with Pravana Express Toners Violet and zero lift developer and B3 for 7 minutes. Dry hair about 80%.

Step 5: COLOR-MELT: A) roots: Joico Pink + Joico Light Pink = parts + 1 large ribbon of Light Purple.

B) ends: Manic Panic Pretty Flamingo + Pravana Too Cute Coral + 1 large ribbon of Pravana Neon Orange.

Step 6: Apply formula A) to the roots extending about 5-6 inches down using the occipital for the back, and the parietal ridge for the front as guidelines.

Step 7:  Melt formula B) overlapping into formula A) to blend the colors together creating a seamless transition and a tertiary color as well.

("Note: I mix all different color brands because I like different tones and consistencies from all types of brands. It has expanded my vivid color palette.")

Step 8: Rinse with cold water after 20 minutes no shampoo or conditioner. Add face frame layers, style blow out and then shape with a 1.25" wand alternating directions. Use a boat bristle brush to smooth out the curls for a more glamorous look.

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