<strong>Sophy Merszei, CEO and Founder of NovaLash Eyelash Extensions</strong>
Sophy Merszei, CEO and Founder of NovaLash Eyelash Extensions

 Eyelashes add instant ‘oomph’ and at different stages in a woman’s life, they can also add just the right amount of lift and openness to impart a more alert and youthful appearance.  While lash artists look at every eye individually, we’ve asked Sophy Merszei, CEO and Founder of NovaLash Eyelash Extensions and NovaLash Brand Ambassador Lauren Wade of The Lash Studio in Westminister, MD to share their thoughts on what lash designs work well at different ages and stages.

 20s: This client can wear almost anything. 

Merszei: In their 20s, your clients might benefit from lash extensions as a replacement for everyday mascara and eyeliner that works for a very active lifestyle. Unlike makeup, lash extensions hold up in the gym, at the beach, while working and playing.

Wade: Most clients in their 20s opt for the more dramatic look.  Provided the shape of the eye permits, they often ask for “Cat Eye” effect while others want as many long lashes they can get.  Dramatic lengths can be emphasized even more when the use of thicker extensions are included in the set, (as long as the natural lash can support the extension).

30s: This client might be getting married, having babies and wants a low-fuss routine.

Wade: Clients in their 30s appreciate the low maintenance that comes with eyelash extensions.  Many in this group of ladies still like the dramatic look achieved through length or extension thickness for a deep, dark look.

40s: Careers are in high-gear and beauty routines become more about maintenance.

Merszei: Career in full bloom while family responsibilities have you struggling to juggle? A lot is expected of women in the workplace, especially if they are competing with male counterparts who can get ready for work in a fraction of the time. Some professional women who work long hours into the evening are expected to look polished and bright-eyed all day and night, but don't have time keep touching up makeup. Always having thick, dark, fluffy eyelashes can you looking alert and polished from the soccer field to the boardroom.

50s: She has lost some definition around her eye area and even some fullness in her face.  How can lashes help? 

Merszei: Many women begin to notice how changing hormones can affect their lashes and brows. As estrogen and testosterone decrease, eyelash and eyebrow hairs can become lighter in color, finer in texture and grow more slowly. A great remedy for finer, lighter lashes is to enhance them with extensions. Placing longer extensions in the center of the lash line can help slim and elongate fuller face shapes. If hormonal changes have flattened formerly full cheekbone contours, placing the longer extensions on outer corners can help create the illusion of fuller cheekbones.

60s: This client knows it’s important to treat yourself to beauty services that make you feel ageless.


Wade: Like most of us, clients in their 60s love the low maintenance aspect of wearing lash extensions. Lash extensions help to bring brightness and a lifting effect to the eye area.

Merszei: At this stage of life, women may find themselves with more time to devote to themselves and fewer financial constraints. At the same time, they may be looking for ways to either avoid invasive anti-aging cosmetic surgery or to keep their eyes looking as youthful as their recently enhanced faces. Some clients in this age range have said that opted to cancel plans for upper eyelid lifts after finding their eyes looking brighter and more opened up with new lashes.

70s: What kind of eye health concerns does the artist need to be extra alert to, if any?

Wade: Thinner, shorter lash extensions are usually the best choice for clients in their 70’s because they will add a little length and color to the lash line without the worry of weighing the delicate hair down.  Ocular Rosacea does affect 30% of menopausal women so the stylist needs to be alerted to the possibility of this condition.

Merszei: Many women in their 70s and even 80s love having their lashes done because they can no longer see well enough to apply their own eye makeup. Women in this age bracket are also generally not afraid of false eyelashes in a way that their younger counterparts might be, because they might have fond memories of wearing lashes in the 1950s and 1960s. Starting in their 40s, some clients may begin to be at greater risk for dry eye syndrome. If a client has dry eyes, they are best off using adhesives that are formulated for sensitive eyes. At any age, always ask if your client has any health issues related to their eyes, if they have had recent eye surgery or if they are on any medications that could dry their eyes out. Women in this age category are also most at risk for an overgrowth of lash mites, because senior citizens can have uncomfortably dry facial skin. People with uncomfortably dry skin feel better if they cleanse it less often and less thoroughly. That risk factor, coupled with decreased immune system function can allow a normal, healthy amount of mites to take over. 


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