Stephanie Geib (@hairbystephscissorhands) of Dellaria Salon, Boston, Mass., says "This beauty came to me about 4 months ago wanting some really light highlights, and this time she was ready to go PLATINUM! She had natural level 7 with some light highlighting running through from her previous visit with me. Her hair felt great from using Olaplex #3 at home."

Here Geib shares the details for this makeover:

Step 1: Apply Framesi Decolor B Diamond with 25 volume from one inch away from the root using my Pravana paddle and 1/2 inch thick sections to ensure great saturation. Process for 25 minutes.

Step 2: Go back in with Decolor B On the Scalp lightener with 25 volume and process for about 20 minutes with a cap. Rinse for 5 minutes and then shampoo with Fanola No Yellow Shampoo twice to remove excess warmth.

Step 3: Tone with Redken Shades 1 oz 9V 1oz 9P 2 oz Clear and 4 oz processing solution. Process for 10 minutes. Rinse and towel dry. Apply Olaplex Number 2 for 10 minutes. Shampoo with Fanola No Yellow Shampoo and condition with Framesi Color Lover Masque. 

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