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Be honest: one of the major contributing factors to your cosmetology school enrollment was your intense aversion to ever becoming a “suit.” Starched, beige clothing while trapped in a gray cubicle with a boss breathing down your neck? No thank you!

Just because you didn’t want a desk job doesn’t mean you didn’t work hard—darn hard!—to earn a spot in this industry that you love. It took determination, tons of hours, dedication, creativity, customer service, and business sense to build your clientele. After all that we have put into our careers, we deserve respect. We may not be “suits” but we are professionals.

According to Associated Hair Professionals, here are 10 things you should always keep in mind when it comes to professionalism:

  1. Conversation in the salon can be interesting and funny without being gossipy and mean.
  2. If your clients are following you on social media, make sure they’re following your career and not your drama.
  3. Trashy never has and never will be in style.
  4. Every legitimate profession has an association to bring that industry together and support the individuals within that career. There is one specifically for individual stylists—Associated Hair Professionals. Are you a member?
  5. Beauty school wasn’t all-inclusive. Continuing education is a necessity, not a suggestion.
  6. Confidence comes with education and experience; strive to have all three.
  7. Referrals come from people who respect you as a professional.
  8. Thorough client consultations, open dialogue, and a reassuring smile earn clients’ trust.
  9. Fellow stylists are your greatest ally, so play nice.
  10. Doing hair is a passion—but being a hairstylist is a business.

You are an amazingly talented professional. Ensure you are treated as such by acting like it.

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