Breanna Little (@ Breanna_AnythingbutBasic) of 'Anything but Basic' within the Ubungalows of Butterfly Loft, Encino, California "which owned by the amazing Alexis and David Thurston," Little says. "I've become the most inspired I've been in years. I'm in the most creative environment I could imagine and it's definitely coming through in my work like never before! I have nothing but gratitude."

Here Little shares the details about this beautiful transformation from faded magenta to peacock:

"Kori came to me sometime last year with faded out red hair. Her goal at the time was a more subtle purple that could be passed as more 'natural.'"


Step 1: To the base apply  Pravana 5.66.

Step 2: Over the top apply a mixture of Vivids reds and violet. "We've played with variations of that up until this last visit. Kori and I knew her next visit was going to be a project so I asked that she wash her hair more often then usually to give us a head start."

The before shot shows the results of that first service. The process continues after the fade:


Step 3: Apply Wella Blondor, Olaplex and 30 volume developer about 2 inches from the scalp, pulling all the way to the ends. Process roughly 55 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Shampoo lightly and dry the hair.

Step 4: Repeat the same lightening mixture but this time go over the roots and pull through to the ends. Process for another 45 minutes lifting to a level 8/9 with "a decent amount of gold still in the base." Rinse and then shampoo well with purple shampoo. Dry the hair. 

Step 5: Section in quadrants and apply to the roots a mixture of 2 tubes of Pravana blue and 1/2 tube of Pravana neon blue. Apply in one inch diagonal sections and feather approximately 3-4 inches from the scalp.

Step 6: Prepare three separate bowls for the lengths:

Bowl A: 1 full tube of Pravana neon blue with a 1/4 tube of violet

Bowl B: 1/2 tube aquatic by Pulp Riot plus 1/2 tube Jam by Pulp Riot

Bowl C: 2 tubes of Pravana blue and 1/2 tube of Pravana neon blue (the root formula)

Step 7: Take 2 1/2 inch sections and alternate all colors throughout pulling each section to the end, still keeping pattern as to not repeat same colors too close to each other.

Step 8: Process for 45-1 hour. Rinse for 5-7 minutes with cold water holding out ends. Then rinse all for another 5 minutes, finishing with conditioner. 

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