Makeover: Color Correcting With Balayage

Shay Cottle (@hair_by_shayc) of Mandie Sue on Fifth Salon, American Fork, Utah, specializes in balayage and bridal hair. Says Cottle, "This color correction was a perfect example of why it is important to be educated, especially in balayage. This client came in desperate after having a bad experience. She wanted a balayage ombre look, but was left with uneven coloring, banding and lines."

Here, Cottle shares how she corrected this color design, leaving the client with a fresh and modern sombre.

Step 1:  Apply Redken 2NN and 3A from scalp to mids base. Process to break up banding. approximately 25 minutes after last application.

Step 2: Then, in a balayage application, apply Schwarzkopf Blondme with 40 volume and step 1 Olaplex. Paint the ends, blending lightener into base color for a gradual transition using 1 1/2 inch sections on hairline and crown, 2 1/2 sections on the interior. Process for 25 minutes. Rinse.

Step 3: Tone with Redken Shades EQ 6T/7N for two minutes to cancel brass. Rinse.

Step 4: Tone again, this time with 8P/N for an additional 10 minutes. Rinse and condition with step 2 Olaplex for 10 minutes.



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