Backstage at New York Fashion Week, on set at photo shoots and in the pages of magazines, Jeannette Vazquez Alfaro (@iLuvUrNailz) creates distinctive nail art designs that get thousands of social thumbs-up. Her impressive following caught the attention of a retail line that collaborated with Alfaro to introduce a press-on line of nail enhancements. In her private salon, she has 90 returning clients who all love her nails.

Name: Jeannette Vazquez Alfaro

City/State: Bay Shore, New York

Salon: iLuvUrNailz

Follow me on: Instagram & Twitter @iLuvUrNailz

Followers: 137K on Instagram

Best known for: My fine line, which I like to call Line Work and ombré nails.

Beauty school: New York Institute of Beauty
Most viral post: My Dream Catcher nails. I did them on one of my clients and after that everyone saw and wanted them.

Favorite apps for social and why: My favorite apps I use in Instagram are A+ Signature for a small watermark text of my user name, iwatermark for my logo, and Aviery to enhance the color on some pictures that need a little pop.

Best tip for getting the best results on a post: I find that the last post you leave up that evening will get the most views and likes because that is when people are laying down, relaxing and playing with their phones.

Favorite hashtags to explore: #NailArt #NailDesigns #DopeNails

Who she is following: Who am I not following?!

Passion other than beauty: I really like doing make up. Ugh! I guess that's still beauty-related!

How social media changed his/her life: I think it's pretty crazy that people actually recognize me and want to take pictures with me. You know, like a nailebrity. LOL

The professional products she can’t live without: My Young Nails Protein Bond, Akzentz Shine On Gel Top Coat and my nail art brush.

Shout out to someone who helped her along the way: I would like to shout out @nailsbymztina. She gave me a shoutout on her page when I couldn't pass 10k and I gained almost two thousand followers because of her!

Celebrity you would love to work on: I would love to do Rihanna, Adrienne Bailon, Niki Minaj, Beyoncé, Ivy Queen, Lady Gaga, Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner's nails.


Her ‘Dreamcatcher’ nails definitely caught on and captured the attention of thousands of nail art fans.




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