Stephany Huizing-Smith (@stephygnarstagram), Creative director and Senior stylist at Parlour e.lev.en (@parlour.eleven), Huntington Beach, CA, shares details on this lovely makeover we found on Instagram:

The Story:

"A friend of mine from a couple years ago, also a stylist, reached out to me wanting a color change. This is huge for her because she has always been platinum blonde (since I've known her). She sent me a couple photos with level/tone ideas, but for the most part, gave me creative freedom on how I wanted to execute the final product."

The Color Process::

Claire came in extremely nervous but excited for a change. Her hair is healthy and platinum with the exception of her level 6 (1-1/2 inch) regrowth.  

  1. I started by coloring her regrowth with Goldwell Topchic (40mls) 7kg and (20mls) 7n and (60ml) blended with 20 volume.  
  2. Then, I mixed 40mls of 8kg and 10 volume (equal parts). Basically, I took diagonal back sections, alternating slicing and weaving leaving out the ends on every two foils to keep maximum blonde ends. Use the same technique diagonal up from the nape but leaving all ends out.
  3. Then starting weaving about two inches up from occipital through the Mohawk to create dimension and depth with the same 8kg to the mid shaft in between foils about two inches out from regrowth using fingers to blend.
  4. Afer processing for 40 minutes, the ends were a little bit on the pink side so I toweled dried her hair and mixed 7kg in Colorance and processed in the bowl for 20 minutes. 
  5. Styling: I started with spraying her hair with Oribe Run-through then added Moroccanoil through the ends. After round brushing her hair I used my Forma flatiron to curl her hair into beach waves. To finish the style with shine and light control I used a Oribe Supershine moisturizing cream. 



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