Shelley Gregory
Shelley Gregory

We can remember when @shelleygregoryhair had only a handful of Instagram followers—we were early followers of the Las Vegas-based colorist/stylist because her hair creations were always so beautiful.

But everything changed in November 2015 when Shelley, inspired by a fellow Instagrammer, posted the progress shots of her “candy unicorn” haircolor creation, formulated with Pravana Pastels, and, of course, the glorious “after.” It wasn’t long before the regrams and media mentions and more than 50,000 followers came poring in. When @modernsalon regrammed the photo, thousands and thousands of likes and comments piled up fast. “I love that social media has brought the industry closer together,” she says. “We can now share our knowledge and support each other like never before. Our industry is purely aesthetic, so to be able to instantly show someone your work is priceless. It's like carrying around your work portfolio in your pocket all the time, my clients even like being able to show friends—future referrals--pictures of my work.”

Name: Shelley Gregory

City: Las Vegas

Salon: Atelier By Square Salon

Education/school: San Diego City College of Cosmetology

Follow me on: Instagram: @shelleygregoryhair; SnapChair: shelleyghair; Facebook: Shelley Gregory Hair; Twitter: @ILoveLuluG; Periscope @shelleygregoryhair

Instagram: 52k followers

Best known for: Pastel colors, hair painting, braids and updos

Most viral post: “My macaron pastel hair on @modernsalon and later went viral to Popsugar, Huffington Post,, Buzzfeed and”

Favorite apps for social and why: “I use After Light app to make my pictures really clean and sharp. I like Facetune so my clients don't have to worry about taking a bad picture or wearing a full face of makeup, because I can just smooth any lines or pores. I use Layout to make collages. If I ever need to write on a photo or watermark I use Rhonna Design app, the fonts are nice and clean.”

Best tip for getting the best results on a post: “Post something you know you would stop on when you scroll through your feed, it has to stand out in a sea of hair on Instagram. Make sure the photo is super clean, clear, good lighting ,the caption is catchy, tag and hashtag all the people you know it would interest.”

Favorite hashtags to explore: “I like to explore locations or special events going on, anything from #MetBall to #Coachella and find inspiration from fashion and people there. I also like to explore under anything I'm hashtagging to see what other stylists are creating.

Who you’re following: @modernsalon; @themirrorboxproject, @notanothersalon, @thefoxandthehair, @vivalablonde

Passion other than beauty: “My three children and husband, we like to spend as much time together as we can.”

How social media changed your life: “I have been doing hair for 15 years and since being able to get my name and work seen through social media I have had more opportunities, met so many amazing stylists and grown more in the last year then I have in my entire career. So you can say it's made a huge impact on my career and changed my entire outlook on what is possible to achieve.”

Favorite products: Harry Josh Blowdryer, Oribe Royal Blowout and Dry Texture Spray, Framar tint brushes, YS park combs and clips, L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Mask.

Shout out to someone who helped you along the way: “@chitabeseau, @xostylistxo and so many more.”

Celebrity you would love to makeover: “I would absolutely love to give Britney, Miley or Gwen Stefani some pastel hair, they would pull it off so well.”


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