Allyssa Cox (@allyssaofbellavoi) of Bella Voi Hair and Nail Studio, Mountville, PA. was offered a challenge. "During a consultation before her appointment, she told me that her sister is a color specialist in another state and she had asked her to color her hair like this and her sister insisted that it couldn't be done. When she told me this I saw a challenge and I was determined to get this exact color."

Here Cox shares the how-to, using the Aveda Full Spectrum series. 

Step 1: Apply a shampoo cap with 10 volume developer "to get an idea of what tone she was going to lift with since she had been virgin hair." Dry.

Step 2: From roots to ends apply 40g 9n + 2g of light OR + 1g light NN and 1g of light YO.

Step 3: Process for 35 minutes and then rinse. "A GINGER SHE WAS!" 

Adds Cox, "Doing hair is something that I've dreamed of doing my entire life. When I was a little girl my parents didn't buy me a Fisher Price kitchen set, they bought me a Fisher Price hairstyling vanity! I have many photos from my first 'client' who was my uncle. I am always learning and finding new ways to do different things as hair is my passion and I LOVE what I do!"

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