Let's get glowing!

At the Finding Dory premiere, actress Sarah Hyland stepped out in a bold eye makeup look paired with a fresh, glowy face. Her eyes sparkled with champagne shadow, red liner and bold lashes, while her dewy complexion complimented the overall look. 

Makeup artist Allan Avendano used MatchCo custom foundation. The all-in-one primer, moisturizer and foundation is custom formulated to its wearer in the brand's Santa Monica, California mixing lab. All you have to do is download the app, and scan your client's skin with your phone. Purchase the custom shade through the app, and it will be sent to you or your client. It takes the guessing game out of picking the right base color at your client's next appointment. Rescan depending on the season, or if they have been on vacation or using a self tanner, and your client will get a new custom-matched formula. 

"I scanned Sarah beforehand and received her foundation in time for the premiere," Avendano said. "She had turned a few shades darker since the winter and this couldn't have come at a better time! The shade was a perfect match for Sarah's newly tanned skin tone, just giving her a soft, even complexion with luminosity."

Avendano tells us how he created Hyland's flawless skin look:

STEP 1: After applying the foundation with a dry buffing brush, I applied more to areas that needed a bit more coverage and then used a wet Beauty Blender to make everything seamless.
STEP 2: I went in with a lighter concealer on areas of the face like under her eyes, the corners of her nose, the bridge of her nose, and the center of her forehead and blended that in with a Beauty Blender.
STEP 3: I then applied a golden olive powder bronzer with a fan brush and used it as a blush and contour to shape her face and give her warmth on the apples of her cheeks.
STEP 4: The last step was a cream luminizer that I applied with my ring finger to the high parts of her cheeks bridge of her nose and the Cupid's bow.