Katelyn Quigney (@hairby_katelynq) of Nicole Lynne Salon, Allentown, Pennsylvania had quite a challenge. "This client came to me with a grown out 'at home' color done by her friend months ago. She was bleached out and then her friend applied some sort of vibrant red."

Here Quigney shares how she transformed this home-made mess into something royally professional.

Step 1: Blend Wella Koleston Perfect 55/0 20 volume and drag from root to line of demarkation.

Step 2: While processing, balayage the midshaft and ends with Wella Freelights 40 volume.

Step 3: Process for 40 minutes. Shampoo and dry the hair.

Step 4: Apply Pravana Vivids Lavender + Amethyst on the midshaft and Wild Orchid + Lavender on the ends.

Step 5: Process for 25 minutes. Cleanse the hair with Living Proof shampoo and conditioner.


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