Stand + Deliver Compression Socks
Stand + Deliver Compression Socks

Have you ever thought of taking a daily Pilates break? Five days a week in the early afternoon, Charlene Evans vice president of 12 Benefits, carves out an hour from work to take a Pilates class. Evans says Pilates keeps her limber and allows me to have a strong core.

12 Benefits, manufacturer of Stand and Deliver support hosiery for hairdressers, is this month’s Healthy Hairdresser sponsor. See the Healthy Hairdresser Challenge information on the opposite page for details on how to enter the September Challenge sponsored by Stand and Deliver.

Evans shares more with Healthy Hairdresser:

Who looks up to you as a healthy role model? My family looks to me as the source to maintain healthy eating habits and ongoing exercise.

What healthy food do you think tastes best? Fruit, like a delicious apple, and fresh greens, like bok choy.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Handmade chocolate squares that I buy from a wonderful chocolatier in North Carolina.

What is the best song to listen to while you work out? I listen to Prince’s music a lot.

What body position would you like to see hairdressers correct? Posture is so important. Many stylists don’t think of the poor angles they take while cutting hair.

Do you journal? Meditate? Pray? I pray regularly.

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