Your appointment book is your interface between you and the world of your clients.  Your appointment book does way more than just tell you who to cut and when to cut them.  In the following 10-installment blog post series I will share my top 10 tips for managing your appointment book.  You can extract the maximum value to you and your business from this powerful resource and tool.  I welcome your comments and discussion.


Tip #1 of 10 in the series - Go electronic – The days of paper and pencil appointment booking are fast drawing to a close.  The days of being interrupted during a haircut to pick up the phone to book an appointment are over.  On line appointment booking is not the future any more.  It is now.


The on line appointment systems that are available today are simple to set up, easy to use and inexpensive to maintain.  These offerings are customized to the haircut industry and they way we book and work.  They offer flexible options and choices for prices, time slots and user functions.  The good ones are very mobile friendly for on the go and on the fly interaction from both the client and service providers sides.  The platforms are stable.  The systems are bug free.  The data is secure and the analytical information can be powerful tools for managing your information and your business.  There are ZERO excuses for not making the jump to on line appointment booking.


There are a few reasons for choosing NOT to wait.  Sooner than later clients will come to EXPECT to have the ability to book on line, 24/7/365.  Sooner than later clients will insist upon it.  We are already seeing some clients choosing to book elsewhere, with another service provider, when the option to book on line is not offered.


Go electronic in appointment book.  This is not the future.  This is right now.


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