5 Tips to Successful Razor Cutting

Donald Scott, the hair artist's "hair artist", has a passion for inventing and reinventing cutting and styling techniques. He has perfected the style of free form precision by combining complete control with spontaneous creativity and has successfully created a new category of razor artistry with the launch of his own collection of premium razor cutting tools, designed specifically with the professional hair artist in mind.

Now, Scott is sharing his top 5 tips for expert razor cutting:

#1. Start by spraying the hair with a prep product (Scott recommends the Donald Scott NYC Prepare Liquid Tool Glide) to help protect the cuticle, while allowing the razor to glide through the hair with ease.

#2. Always use a fresh, new, sharp blade on each guest and be sure to use the proper razor tool to finish off the cut-one razor does not fit all!

#3. Always hold the razor at 45 degree angle to avoid scraping and disturbing the cuticle layer of the hair. This will offer the best results

#4. Do not use razors on damaged, frizzy hair. If using on dryer hair textures be sure to apply a generous amount of a prep/protection product (he recommends Prepare Liquid Tool Glide).

#5. When working with razors, always be sure to start out with light pressure until you get the feel of the razor and the hair. The more pressure, you apply the more hair you will remove so ease into it to determine what works best for the hair type and client you are working with.

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