Tech Start-Up Helps Maximize Salon Gift Card Profits

Gift card sales are projected to top $14 billion in 2017. Is your salon ready to capitalize on its fair share of the profit? CardCodez, an online web application and all-in-one gift card solution allowing consumers to purchase gift cards anytime, anywhere, can make it happen.

Here’s how: by allowing gift card sales 24 hours a day, 7 days-a-week with no additional overhead staffing costs. Through the free app, your current and future customers can purchase and send cards for goods and services redeemable at your salon to loved ones near or far. No need to wait for snail mail; CardCodez satisfies today’s need for immediacy, arriving via email within 15 minutes. Recipients can store all of their cards on the smartphone app, and even view their remaining balance. Bonus? It eliminates the hassle of keeping track of paper certificates or plastic cards for them, and difficult bookkeeping practices for you. The easy-to-use, mobile-friendly dashboard makes managing sales simple.

Each year, 93 percent of consumers purchase gift cards. And of those cards purchased, 72 percent of the recipients spend beyond the card’s face value. Even better? They often do it within 60 days of receipt. What could that mean for your salon? Increased sales and more potential clients.

It’s a win-win for your salon and your clients.

Signing up with CardCodez costs salon owners just a small processing fee per transaction, and there’s no long-term contract commitment required. And business owners can cancel their participation with CardCodez anytime. But why? Every hour, every minute is an opportunity to do business with the help of CardCodez. Businesses and customers can even personalize their experience by creating themed gift cards of their choosing and customizing special percentage-off deals.

Asserts Terry McKim, Director of Marketing at Lords & Ladies Salons, “CardCodez was a game-changer for us. We didn’t have a way to sell gift cards online. CardCodez made it super easy to run gift card promos online and sell more gift cards!”

Want to know more about how you can enjoy 10 times your salon’s current gift card sales? Visit and start earning your fair share.

About CardCodez: Since 2011, CardCodez App has helped businesses create, manage, and sell millions of dollars in gift cards.

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