Hair Drama: A Day in the Life of Senior Stylist on 'The Young and the Restless'

Regina Rodriquez, Senior Hairstylist on long-rnning daytime drama, The Young and the Restless, shares a typical day on set and which products from White Sands she relies on to keep hair looking stunning from crisis to crisis.  


"I have worked on The Young and the Restless for six years, which is really just a small amount of time considering this iconic show has been on the air for 43 years. Y&R has been TV’s #1 daytime drama for 27 years and airs its 11,000th episode on September 1. We have such an amazing cast and crew that work so hard which makes my workday so wonderful. My Y&R family gives me an endless amount of motivation and inspiration every day.

"My workday starts around 6:30 AM when our cast arrives for the day and makes their way into the hair and makeup room. My first order of business is to look at the breakdown of the day. This tells me about the characters working in the day’s episodes that are taping and any production notes that may affect my work.  I like to time out how much time I need per actor or actress and mentally prep for the day.  I need to make sure any hairstyle done that morning is going to be able to withstand anything the actor has to face the rest of the day.  I like to use White Sands Liquid Hair Texture in Firm and Medium to build a strong styling foundation. I love to use this product for everything!  I spray it directly onto the roots while the hair is damp and blow dry the roots in the opposite direction of where the hair falls to add some volume. I also use this product as a setting spray for curls and waves that I need to last all day long. I spray onto the dry hair section by section before I curl the hair with a curling iron. I also use it to add texture to any romantic looks I'm designing by spraying a small amount into my hand and working it into the hair while it's dry.  White Sands Orchids Oil is perfect to finish off any hairstyle I do and here’s a secret trick: I also use it as my secret weapon to tame down any static in the hair.

"Even though taping begins at 8:30 AM, my day is far from over. The cast is still trickling in through the day (we have a cast of 30+ actors and actresses!). I am also responsible for covering photo shoots, video promos, haircuts, hair touchups on set, and hair changes in between scenes.  It’s never a dull moment as I'm always on the run with the teasing comb and a good strong can of hairspray in hand. To get any stubborn fly aways, I like to use White Sands Stuck Up Hairspray.

"Finally, it’s time for a lunch break when I get a little bit to eat, talk with my friends and get ready for the last half of the day.

"After lunch, we get our last few actors coming to the hair department who are working in the afternoon.  I love using White Sands Infinity flexible hairspray for touchups throughout the day because it's just the “pick me up” the hair needs for the final stretch of the day. I love that it won't leave the hair too stiff.

"At the end of the day, the head of the department, Patty Denney, will give me any notes for the next day and let me know what time I have to come into work the next morning.

"On my way home, I reflect and prepare for the morning. I have an amazing family that likes to hear about my day and are the biggest cheerleaders in my career.  To be honest, if you love what you do it never really feels like work."

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