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Have fashion colors “had their day?” Hardly. In fact, many brands are making it easier to bring vibrant, fun shades to salon guests with a variety of easy-to-apply and predictable shades. It’s a whole new colorful world.

There is something exciting brewing in the color department. The newest entry is Bed Head by TIGI Colour Trip. The acidic, semipermanent electrifying shades like pink, blue, orange, yellow—there are 12 in all—are inspired by East London fashion and is designed to add impact to any look, lasting up to 20 washes.

We invited Thomas Osborn, creative director and vice president of education and Richy Kandasamy, creative director/colorist, to the MODERN studios to show how team TIGI is playing with the new line.


“Color has pretty much become a focal point for the past several years,” says Osborn, best known for his fashion-forward designs and finishes. “Color is ever present, and I am so excited about Colour Trip. It’s vibrant, bolder and geared for that Bed Head client who is youthful, experimental, unapologetic and eclectic.”


According to Kandasamy, clients are no longer afraid of going strong. “Today there is a much more go-for-it attitude,” he says. “With a line like Colour Trip, there is really no reason to be afraid. Although long lasting, it does wash out. It allows both the client and the colorist the opportunity to experiment.”


Osborn and Kandasamy have collaborated frequently and have learned to respect each other’s style. “We are in the habit of complementing what the other does,” Osborn says. “If the color is quite strong I will go with a softer cut, and get more aggressive with the cut if the color permits.”


The artists selected two models to best represent the new color line and how they coordinate their talents. Short-haired model Jen is no stranger to color (in fact she was on MODERN’s August cover!) while model Sierra has never had color before. Although clearly willing to experiment (she did her own undercut) Sierra has shied away from the color world. Who better to demonstrate the power of the Colour Trip launch than on these two ladies representing extremes in the color department.


Check out Jen's Reflective Color How-To here and Sierra's Tie Dye Pops look here.


Cut and style: Thomas Osborn, Creative Director and Vice President of Education

Color: Richy Kandasamy, Creative Director/Colorist

Photographer: Roberto Ligresti

Makeup: David Maderich for CameraReadyCosmetics.com

Fashion stylist: Rod Novoa

Nail artist: Alicia Torello, OPI Ambassador


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