Every year, MODERN BFF and talented special FX makeup artist @alexfaction, AKA Alex Rivera, celebrates the Halloween season by doing a 31-day countdown to Halloween. Each day throughout October at 7p.m. CST, he posts a new makeup tutorial, and with all the buzz about the creepy clown sightings it makes sense that his clown tutorial is trending high. 

"Clowns are synonymous with Halloween," @alexfaction says. "And this makeup look is the perfect combination of creepy and cool, without the gore."

If you've got artistic makeup talent, and can follow a YouTube tutorial, Rivera says this is a pretty low-tech tutorial that doesn't require a mastery of makeup application to follow.

"The finish is supposed to be grungy, distressed and messy," he says.

To begin, his whole face was covered in white foundation--Rivera is loving Make Up For Ever for this effect. What follows is a combination of detailing around the eyes with Mehron black face paint, and water to create a drip effect.

A black liquid lipstick was used on the mouth to create the outer corners, and the cheekbones and forehead were contoured with black facepaint and finished with water to make it drip.

"The contacts are from Sclera-Lenses and the nose was made of Model Magic, a dough-y material that dried like a light foam," @alexfaction says.  

Tips on removal: "The best remover in the entire world is Make Up For Ever's Extreme Cleansing Dry Oil. It's a non-astringent that breaks up all the makeup and it just falls off--even waterproof makeup."

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