Wella Professionals
Wella Professionals

First-time color clients may just be the happiest people on earth. What stylist doesn’t love opening a client’s eyes to the magic of color? Bosley’s JB Shelton describes four generations of cut-and-style clients who may need a gentle nudge to become enthusiastic color clients:

College students to early 20s. “These clients often ask for a style that’s more mature, yet natural and easy to maintain,” Shelton says. “They just want to amplify their look. I suggest a demi-permanent glaze that adds warmth and shampoos out over time.”

Women approaching middle age. Demi-permanent lowlights create a thicker, fuller look just as clients are beginning to lose that dense, youthful hair.

Men turning gray. “When they’re competing with younger guys in the workplace,” Shelton notes, “mature men want a soft shade that blurs the fact they’re edging toward retirement.” 

Older women tired of coloring. When women with pristine white hair want to transition from decades of coloring their hair, Shelton helps them love their gray by doing a lowlight to give dimension and depth to their short hairstyle.

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