How-To: The Chignon with James Pecis and Paloma Elsesser

Oribe is combining the forces of its top artists with leading social media influencers for its latest video campaign.

Oribe Global Ambassador James Pecis styles Sonya Esman, Deepica Mutyala, Jade Kendle, Lyn Slater and Paloma Elsesser in the sleek, easy-to-follow tutorials. 

Oribe's education team provides a wide range of educational opportunities to its community of stylists; these videos are one outlet, and nationwide Oribe Ateliers and classes are also avilable to Oribe salons and stylists. MODERN was at the Chicago Atelier, which you can read more about here. 

Combined, the influencers Oribe has partnered with in these videos reach nearly 3.4 million followers on social media. They're sought out for their perspectives and expertise on a wide range of subjects including makeup, naturally curly styles, fashion, diversity and more.

In this tutorial, featuring Elsesser, Pecis demonstrates how to create a truly timeless style—the chignon. See written steps and video below!

How-to: The chignon

  1. Pull hair back into a low ponytail. Use Oribe Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray to fight humidity and tame flyaways.
  2. Place a bobby pin onto an elastic. Loop elastic around your thumb while holding onto the ponytail, cinching tight, and feed the bobby pin through the loop you've held. Pull tight, wrap remaining elastic around the ponytail, and secure bobby pin into hair.
  3. Taking a small section, spray hair with Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray to protect from heat and set style. Curl section in a classic curl. Repeat, section by section, on the entire ponytail. Curl all hair in the same direction.
  4. While curled hair cools, warm a small amount of Star Glow Styling Wax in your hands and smooth onto edges of hair so it's super sleek.
  5. Brush out ponytail. Twist hair in a loop up toward the crown, then tie off with another elastic. You might need a second set of hands for this.
  6. Tuck tail end of the ponytail underneath and around looped hair to cover elastics. Use a pin to secure, then mist with Superfine Hair Spray for added hold.
  7. Finish entire style with Superfine Hair Spray, using your hand to smooth any remaining flyaways.

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