Hair colorist and social media influencer Larisa Love is about to become a first-time salon owner, launching the Larisa Love Salon in Studio City, California—at the most stressful time of the year. 

“Although I’m opening a salon during the busy holiday season, I’m trying to focus on what a blessing this journey is instead of thinking about all that needs to be done,” Love says. “I’m taking it one task at a time and enjoying the ride.”

Love is also an ambassador for Healthy Hairdresser sponsor CosmoProf, and is this month’s Hero.

What’s your favorite healthy food? Avocado toast.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Starbucks latte with caramel drizzle.

What’s your worst health habit? With such a busy lifestyle, I don’t have a steady sleep routine.

What changes have you made to be healthy? I try to take a few days off every three months to recharge.

What’s your favorite exercise? I see best results when I run—both physically and mentally.

What time of day do you exercise? In the evening or right after leaving the salon.

What body position would you like to see hairdressers correct? I believe all shampoo work should be done from a sitting stool.

What shoes do you wear to work? I like to wear thick-sole shoes with a matching heel that keeps my feet parallel to the ground.

How do you pamper yourself? I get my nails done weekly and give myself monthly facials.

What is your best professional skill? Being a good leader—taking care of the people who work with me and maintaining high standards for my assistants.

How do new clients find out about you? Social media has always been my best tool.

Who has been your emotional rock? My fiancé. He’s been there from the beginning of my hair journey.

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