Who are Malibu C’s lead colorists or educators? How can salons and colorists connect with them?

Missy Peterson, Nicole Emiliani, Mary Petillo, Anthony Barnhill, Brandon Johns and Paula Marques are a few of our standout Malibu C Professional certified wellness educators/master colorists, all of whom may be accessed digitally in the Malibu C Professional Education Forum on Facebook. The Forum is a private group comprised of more than 10,000 members that was developed specifi cally for Malibu C

Professional Education/Support. To access, add “Missy at MalibuC” or “Trisha at MalibuC” as Facebook friends so our education team can review your credentials and add you to this private group developed exclusively for salon professionals. Additionally, our Malibu C App (available for download via both Google Play and the App Store) offers instant access to education-on-demand customized to the specific needs of our audience.

What education and resources can a salon or solo artist expect to receive immediately, and then over the first six months, after switching to or adding Malibu C’s line?

Malibu C Professional offers myriad resources for salons, schools and independent stylists alike. From asking questions on our forum, to the online Academy, to classes at shows, we have an avenue for everyone. We are also proud that three of our educators are American Board Certified Hair Colorists, and more are pursuing that goal. We never stop learning and we want to be a part of that journey for all stylists as well. We also offer classes in our on-site Malibu C Professional Learning Academy located at our manufacturing/distribution center in Indianapolis, where our education division resides. These classes take place throughout the year and often include special guest artists who are invited to teach a class. There is also always the possibility for an in-salon class and/or custom webinar taught by one of our certified wellness educators.

What is your most popular color education class or experience?

Our most popular Malibu C Professional Education Course, “Color Correction and Transitional Color: Discover the Simple Tools You Need to Become an Expert!” teaches tips and tricks to help you take the stress out of color and the fear out of Color Correction while increasing your revenue. Ensure any hair type, texture or color level can be successfully transitioned and/or transformed. Armed with these tools, you’ll become known as a color guru to clients and peers. In the class, attendees learn to:

  • Turn a color emergency into an opportunity.
  • Create the perfect canvas for every chemical service.
  • Expedite color processing time and prevent the unexpected.
  • Learn the secret to preserving the integrity of clients’ hair.
  • Remove oxidative color/direct dyes with a wellness approach.
  • Establish a new business model to boost revenue.
  • Be recognized as the “go-to” for color correction.
  • Work smarter, not harder with Malibu C.

What additional key color education initiatives are in the works?

For 2017, we’re introducing a spin-off of Color Correction and Transitional Color called “Hidden Hair Horrors: Conquer Color Catastrophes,” designed to provide simple solutions for common color disasters that will help turn any color emergency into an opportunity.


ONLINE: malibuc.com/prof

HOTLINE: 800.622.7332


Facebook: MalibuCProfessional

Instagram: MalibuCPro

Twitter, Pinterest: malibu_c

YouTube: malibuwellness

ADVANCED ACADEMY: Malibu C Professional Learning Academy, Indianapolis

EDUCATORS: Missy Peterson, sales education manager; Nicole Emiliani, platform artist/master colorist; Anthony Barnhill, certified wellness educator/platform artist; Brandon Johns, certified wellness educator/platform artist; Ashley Irwin, certified wellness educator/platform artist; Paula Marques, certified wellness educator/platform artist

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