The “Platinum King,” Kristoff Ball, earned his title from creating iconic cool blonde shades on notable beauties including Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton and Pink.  In his Los Angeles salon, tucked away off Wilshire, Ball tends to these and other high-profile heads. His hands-on approach extended to the construction of his salon, which Ball, an experienced craftsman, transformed with love and labor. He is also a musician and this informs the art and atmosphere, as well. A beautiful friendship was launched when Ball’s band opened for Gwen Stefani’s No Doubt and Ball became her go-to hair colorist and homey. Her perfect platinum became his calling card. Blondes do have more fun when they have a Ball.  

 Bench seen in the mirror reflection: “I made this bench out of wood that had been used as a winepress so the stain is the result of soaking in Merlot.”

Reviv3:  “This system from Reviv3 ProCare is formulated as skin care products for the scalp. Everyone I have used it on has repurchased.”  

Windows in the back: “This space had no light or mirrors when I first moved in.  I found windows covered up behind the walls so opened them up and let the light come in.” 

Kristoff Ball Purple Shampoo:  “This works for natural blondes, for highlights or even for grey hair that needs a boost.  I will often apply it on dry hair and let it set.”

Brushes from KareCo:  “I’ve had these for about five years and they last forever. And I give a great blow dry service because I dry the hair, not the brush.”

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