Image courtesy of Pivot Point International, Inc.
Image courtesy of Pivot Point International, Inc.

Cosmetology school graduates make the transition to the salon with technical skills but not always as much in the way of strategies for succeeding in the real-life world of salon business. From establishing a rapport with clients to building their book to paying attention to their own health, new stylists typically go through a lot of trial and error until experience becomes their best teacher.

Now they don’t have to wait. New Pivot Point Fundamentals is preparing students for their full professional role and a lifelong career. Students learn the value of collaboration and the benefits of deep thinking.

Supporting multiple learning styles, this groundbreaking curriculum covers 13 areas of study pared down to digestible, targeted modules of 106 theory lessons and 68 workshops. Visuals accompanied by easily absorbed, substantive passages replace lengthy, tedious texts.

“Technical skills are only one part of the overall service,” says Vasiliki Stavrakis, senior director educational research for Pivot Point International, our Healthy Hairdresser sponsor for December. “The details leading up to the service and after the service should not be overlooked.”

New Pivot Point Fundamentals promotes four “be” strategies for demonstrating respect at work that can be applied to interactions with clients and team members:

  1. Be courteous. “Please,” “thank you,” “excuse me” and “I’m sorry” go a long way.
  2. Be considerate of other people’s likes and dislikes. Stay open to letting other people get their way even when you disagree. 
  3. Be sensitive to other people’s feelings. Help them preserve their dignity if they’re stressed.
  4. Be interested in other people’s thoughts and opinions. Listen to other points of view, ask questions and try not to get defensive if you hold different views.

Stavrakis outlines additional personal and professional guidelines to follow throughout their career with specific instruction:

  • Maintain a healthy mind and body through rest, exercise, nutrition and hygiene.
  • Maintain proper posture and body position while working on hair to prevent shoulder strain and foot and leg problems.
  • Present a positive image.
  • Communicate with confidence and build relationships.
  • Act with ethics, integrity and commitment.
  • Become resilient by learning from mistakes. School is a safe place for error!
  • Observe the world around us.
  • Apply other art forms to inspire creativity in hair, skin and nail services.
  • Practice! A self-check list tool helps students assess their own work before the instructor evaluates them.
  • Approach customer service at every visit with Four Service Essentials—Connect, Consult, Create, Complete—to ensure the service meets the client’s expectations.
  • Establish a safe environment through properly disinfecting tools and positioning cords to avoid accidental falls.
  • Improve time management skills.
  • Set short- and long-term goals.
  • Go online and join industry organizations to stay current with the latest advances in the industry.
  • Find the right fit when choosing a salon culture.

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