5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Flat Iron
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It’s a critical styling tool that’s part of any hairdresser’s styling arsenal – the flat iron. You can use it for straightening, creating bouncy curls, setting fingerwaves, etc. However, if you are using your flat iron on a regular basis, you may experience the dreaded “gunk” build-up or “gummy” residue.

GOT BUILD UP? Make sure that after every use, you wipe down the plates and barrels with an appliance cleaner to prevent product build-up and ‘burn-in.’ If you do have product build-up, use a scrubbie made for Teflon pans on a warm iron…this helps to remove any buildup,” says Terri Taricco, vice president of marketing for Helen of Troy.

TURN IT OFF: Don’t forget to unplug your iron after each use. “Leaving them on for extended periods of time shortens the life span of the appliance and it may cause discoloration of the metallic finish,” adds Tarrico.

UPKEEP: Make sure you clean your flat iron with a soft cloth after every use. When using a professional iron cleaner, never spray the iron when hot, as this could potentially damage the plates of your iron.

LOOSE HINGES: After many uses, you may experience loose handles. To fix, remove the hinge cover and tighten the nut. If you are afraid of breaking your appliance, stay on the safe side and send it into your manufacturer (many provide warranties upon purchase). As with cleaning, make sure your flat iron is completely turned off before you take it apart.

PROPER STORAGE: Make sure to store your flat iron in a safe, secure travel bag. It will protect it from breaking and nicks. Opt for a heatproof bag – it will provide a good protective barrier between any working surface. Also, avoid wrapping the cord around your flat iron. Continuous wrapping will cause stress to the wires (within the cord) and eventually you may find your flat iron not working on you one day. That wouldn’t be good.


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