Healthy Hairdresser Hero: Paul Suttles

Diet and exercise are not the only benchmarks of health, says Paul Suttles, senior director, education implementation, at Pivot Point International in Chicago. “I believe it’s equally important to feed the brain,” Suttles says. Asked how he serves as a role model for health in body/spirit/business, Suttles thinks others respect his encouragement to continue their journey in lifelong learning. Suttles offers his approach to health in his 15 years in the industry.

What healthy food do you think tastes best? Sushi

What changes have you made to be healthy? I believe that unhealthy relationships can be stressful and detrimental to health. I recently decided to try to be more mindful to demonstrating respect.

What’s your favorite exercise? Cardio mixed with some weight training

What body position would you like to see hairdressers correct? Good posture enhances your physical wellbeeing, and it goes beyond just standing correctly. A guide to correct posture is part of our new Pivot Point Fundamentals and LAB.

How do you express your-self spiritually? I meditate

How do you pamper yourself? I get a massage every month.

What is the best professional skill? Trust. It’s nice when you have the good fortune of hiring great, capable people whom you can trust.

How do new clients find out about you? Social media and word of mouth.

How do some clients or coworkers rattle you? Bad moods! When you are in the business of serving people, you’ve given up your right to have a bad day. It’s important to identify strategies for manag-ing those emotions—especially in the presence of coworkers and clients.

Who have been your mentors? Fredric and Julie Holzberger.

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