The bright colors of 2015 threw some shade in 2016—in the best possible way. Deeper, saturated jewel tones reigned as the queens of color, continuing the new standard of fashion shades but with an added hint of darkness.

Scroll through the slideshow for a look at some of our favorite jewel-toned looks of 2016. 

Don’t Damage the Goods

Great hair, like great art, is achieved by pushing boundaries. When it comes to color, this means more vibrant shades, more frequent and dramatic changes—and potentially more damage. That’s where products that specifically address hair integrity come in. In 2016, fashion color has exploded, and beauty professionals have kept up with new technology that maintains hair’s health through it all by using products that work to prevent and repair damage.

When used as a color additive, bond-building products, which are sometimes one-step and sometimes multi-step systems, are the ultimate add-on. Some brands also offer a retail component so clients can maintain hair integrity at home between services. Check out MODERN's complete list of bond-protecting products here.

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