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DeLores Pressley has seen her share of people who are down on themselves because of their appearance. The author and founder of the Global Up Woman might have felt that way about herself, but instead she turned what others saw as her negative into a positive.

First she became a plus-sized model, and then she founded the Dimensions Plus Model Agency, which now represents more than 100 models and places them with some of the country’s top fashion retailers. Pressley also founded the Plus USA Women Beauty Pageant and Convention.

Today, she is an in-demand, six-figure international speaker who has shared the stage with Oprah Winfrey.

Pressley offers five ways to feel better about yourself and your appearance:

1. Fuel future successes with past achievements. Think about one accomplishment you’re very proud of. “No matter where you are in your career or life, you have undoubtedly done something that has made an impact,” Pressley says. “Realize if you’ve had one success, you can have others.”

2. Invest in the power of you. Every time you accomplish something or do something good, write it down on a slip of paper and put it in a jar. This becomes your power of you jar. Pressley says that watching the jar fill up will empower you. She says, “Any time you’re feeling bad or doubting yourself, just reach into the jar and get that reminder of what you’ve already accomplished.”

3. Channel your inner prize fighter. Boxers fight for three minutes and then rest for 60-90 seconds. “During that time between rounds they are getting refueled, receiving advice and getting encouragement,” Pressley says. “They have a whole training team that is supporting them and speaking life into them. Can you imagine how disastrous it would be if their trainer said, ‘You’re going to lose,’ or, ‘You should quit’? Any doubt during a fight could lead to a knockout. Yet we allow negative people in our corners all the time. Is it any wonder we get knocked down?” Come out of your corner swinging, Pressley advises, and between bouts, make sure you have a team of supporters on your side.

4. Use an actual stop sign as a visual cue. Everyone tells us to stop any negative thinking, but it’s not easy for people to ward off negative thoughts. Pressley suggests getting an actual stop sign, even if it’s small, and keeping it in view wherever you’re likely to battle the negativity in your head. Glance at it to remind yourself to stay on a positive track.

5. Take credit for your success. It’s great to be humble, but constantly saying, “It was nothing,” or, “I didn’t do much,” undermines your self-worth. “Allow yourself to be seen as successful, and you will feel successful, too,” Pressley says.

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