Building on our own success, Healthy Hairdresser is going to spend 2017 sharing ways we all help each other. Throughout the year, we will be calling attention to different health-related causes and talking to salon pros about the causes nearest and dearest to their hearts.

Those of you involved with a cause know that it’s not only about raising money. Becom-ing knowledgeable about the cause helps you protect yourself from that medical condition, and it spreads the word so that you’re helping your family, clients and salon team.

We’re calling this initiative Healthy Hairdresser Be-Cause:

 Be-Cause you’re worth it.

 Be-Cause you should know about medical conditions that can affect you and your family.

 Be-Cause awareness raises funds for research and care.

 Be-Cause these causes are important to your clients.

Check this monthly MODERN SALON Healthy Hairdresser column for the latest Be-Cause articles, and continue to visit for information on all categories of health matters for salon professionals.

Also, Be-Cause none of this special Healthy Hairdresser programming would be possible without the support of our Healthy Hairdresser sponsors, we will be showcasing the causes they are involved in and providing relevant, practical ways for stylists and salons to engage. The Healthy Hair-dresser advisory council will help us share tips, develop future content and grow this initiative in new ways.

We will start spotlighting our sponsors and the advisory council next month with full profiles in our annual bonus Healthy Hairdresser supplement in March. We look forward to working together throughout the year to help you build career strength in body, spirit and business.

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