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Let’s tackle this year’s resolutions! If getting fit was one of yours but you also want to continue to build your business until you’re crazy-busy, how can you do both? You may need a fitness app to make the most of the time you carve out for exercise. Try these hand-picked for you by Healthy Hairdresser.

  1. Keelo. If you can split your week into 20 minutes (or less) to do high-intensity workouts, Keelo will create a plan for you and guide you through each exercise. Do these workouts at home or at the gym, and if you don’t have free weights or other equipment you’ll still get the job done. Strength, cardio and conditioning are covered.
  2. Spotify running option. This is especially easy if you already have a Spotify menu on your phone. Just find the “running” option, choose a type of music and Spotify will make you a mix. As you run, the app detects your pace and pops in songs that will match it. Compatibility with Runkeeper lets you track your time and distance while your tunes are playing. Bonus app: RockMyRun does the same thing, but in addition will modify the beat as you increase or decrease your pace.
  3. Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout. If you have a chair, you have enough equipment for this app to tone your body in little 7-minute bites—or longer if you have more time. The app bases the level of difficulty on your current fitness level.
  4. Charity Miles. Walk, run or bike to earn money for charities. Just choose the charity to support, and corporate sponsors of that charity will donate a few cents for every mile you complete in return for getting to show you their logos or ads.
  5. Vida Health Coach. For $15/week, you get a personal coach for all of your fitness and health goals. Select a coach most suited to your health condition or objectives, and the coach will motivate you with a weekly chat by phone or video call.

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