Thanks to beauty industry coach and consultant Bryan Durocher for alerting Healthy Hairdresser to what destination spas are anticipating will be the most popular retreat packages in 2017. Whether you want to understand your clients’ needs, get some ideas for your salon’s spa therapies or take a spa getaway break yourself, you may find this forecast, compiled by Health and Fitness Travel, to be interesting.

  1. Stop smoking. Giving up smoking is stressful, so the idea here is to take the pressure off yourself by combining that task with a little pampering and some onsite guidance from medical professionals. You’ll not only de-stress but also break smoking triggers and replace the smoking habit with new, healthier rituals.
  2. Optimal health for men. Men notoriously shy away from doctors, so here’s a way for them to take a fun vacation with some sports activities followed by a massage or spa treatment along with a chance to explore a healthier lifestyle guided by medical pros.
  3. Healthy mind and emotional healing. Coaching sessions in mindfulness, meditation and yoga give participants confidence in handling their stress, reversing burnout and reconnecting mind, body and spirit.
  4. Post-cancer recovery. Cancer survivors recharge and rejuvenate through a range of holistic spa therapies and alternative natural medicine treatments such as acupuncture and Ayurveda. Psychologists, nutritionists and physiotherapists are on hand for consultations.
  5. Detox and eat well. Well-proportioned, nutritious meals help you focus on eating a generous amount of healthy food to reconfigure your diet in a way that’s easy, satisfying and detoxifying.
  6. Zen adrenaline. Capturing the yin/yang of Zen and adrenaline, participants find the perfect mind-body cocktail by pairing adventurous activities like kite-surfing and paragliding with relaxing spa treatments, meditation and yoga.
  7. Physical therapy. This can be the hairdresser’s perfect retreat, giving the hard-working body an opportunity to recover from injuries while retraining for future work demands through aquatic therapy, posture alignment and expert consultations with physiotherapists.
  8. Family wellness. Bring the whole family, and the kids will enjoy mini spa treatments, biking, tennis and water sports while the parents join in or stay back for uber-pampering.
  9. Board fitness. Try stand-up paddle boarding, take indoor board fitness classes and go surfing to give your core and legs a solid workout.
  10. Preventive health. Through a combination of sweat and stress relief, the goal here is to lower your biological age no matter which generation you were born into.
  11. Eco-friendly wellness. Being kind to the planet is the focus as you take forest hikes, enjoy natural spa remedies and eat organic foods from gardens right on site.
  12. Group fitness. For the people-lover in you, this retreat brings together friends or strangers to train with the support of each other. A workplace staff can do this together, enjoying a stress-management retreat to promote team-building and incorporate anything from yoga and fitness to kayaking and mountain biking.

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