Connor Lange, (@connorlangehair) a stylist at Bob + Paige Salon in Toronto, says, "This client in particular is always up for change, and this time she was ready for something dramatic."

Here Lange shares the details for this makeover:

Step 1. Do a very quick rough cut to remove excess length to prevent color waste.

Step 2. Apply Goldwell Elumen 80mls Bl@all + 20mls NA@2. 

Step 3. Process for 30 minutes, and then follow with Elumen post-color products.

Step 4. Section from recession to recession, but instead of rounded through the crown, create a teardrop shape with the point slightly off centre reaching the top of the occipital bone. Isolate this section. 

Step 5. Using a razor for softness, create an undercut using a rounded graduation approach and free hand razoring at the nape and over the ear to personalize. 

Step 6. Through the top, use lots of overdirection to the crown to add some texture while maintaining length through the fringe and the back crown triangle section. Blow dry straight to start and switched to shears to deep point cut to release more weight and to slide cut/detail the perimeter of where the hair fell over the undercut. 

Step 7. Using a 1 1/4" Hot Tools marcel iron, and some KMS Freeshape 2in1 spray for shaping, add some irregular wave to the hair to make it a bit more edgy. Follow with some KMS Dry Wax spray to piece it out.

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