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To celebrate the launch of the new Vibes color line, the L'ANZA Creative Team of Matt Swinney, Ammon Carver, Leah Freeman and Natasja Keizjer abandons traditional salon techniques in favor of free-form creativity.

With a nod to teenage rebellion, the bold formulation and detailed application methods in the Beauty is Free collection fuses the spirit of the L'ANZA brand with the spirit of artistic freedom, with hopes to inspire others to express their own creativity, says David Berglass, CEO.

“The whole idea of Beauty is Free is very exciting for a colorist because we’re no longer stuck with the idea of how to use our products, how we have to style hair, how we have to cut hair,” says Matt Swinney, a creative team director. “We really wanted to express our freedom through our color, our cuts and styles.”

In addition to exposing the Vibes color launch, the education behind the collection also features new color films and the color board for even saturation and control.

“With Vibes, you can create really beautiful, vibrant inspiration—but classic coloring, too,” says L'ANZA Color Director Leah Freeman. “It’s a very versatile and convertible color line.”

“We’ve never featured cuts that are so linear and color that is so graphic with such strong visual direction—it’s a feast for the eyes.” –Ammon Carver

Hair: L'ANZA Creative Team’s Matt Swinney, Ammon Carver, Leah Freeman, Natasja Keijzer
Makeup: Juliette den Ouden
Assistant: Gina Watkins
Photography: Richard Monsieurs 



Decolorizer: 30 g L'ANZA Cream Decolorizer with 30 g 20 Volume Healing Color Developer

Glaze: 30 g 100 + 1 g G Mix + 31 g Translucent Color Catalyst with 62 g Demi Healing Color Developer

1. Divide hair in half by parting from center- front to center-back.

2. Starting on the right side, gather fine sections into a ponytail at the base of the center-front fringe area.

3. Repeat on the left side until you have two ponytails side by side in the center-front fringe area.

4. Sub-section each ponytail using fine partings, applying the decolorizer formula from the base of the ponytails to the ends, slightly blurring at the top of each subsection.

5. Process until the hair reaches the desired lightness. Rinse, cleanse and condition hair with Healing ColorCare Shampoo and Conditioner. Blowdry hair completely.

6. Finish by glazing the ponytails with the Glaze Formula. Process at room temperature for 20 minutes. Rinse, cleanse and condition. 



Decolorizer: 30 g Powder Decolorizer with 60 g 20-volume Healing Color Developer Medium Beauty Bath (ends only): 30 g L'ANZA Color-Cleansing Shampoo + 30g Healing Powder Decolorizer with 30 g 10-volume Healing Color Developer

Formula 1: 25 g 100V + 25 g 100 + 1 g R Mix with 102 g Demi Healing Color Developer

Formula 2: 33 g 100V + 1 g R mix with 68 g Demi Healing Color Developer

Formula3: 23 g 100V + 7 g 100 + 2 g R Mix with 64 g Demi Healing Color Developer

1. Pre-lighten new growth and mid-shaft area using decolorizer formula. Then apply the Medium Beauty Bath formula to ends only.

2. Process until the hair has reached a level 9, Lightest Blonde. Shampoo using L'ANZA Healing ColorCare Shampoo, and blowdry hair completely.

3. Isolate the fringe by parting from the corner of each eye to the high point of the head. Section with a clip.

4. Divide head in half from the high point to center-back, at the base of the nape.

5. Taking 1⁄4-inch diagonal back sections, apply Formula 1 to the first inch of the nape area from base to ends. Be sure to properly saturate for even deposit.

6. Next, apply 1- to 1⁄2-inch blocks, slightly overlapping Formulas 1, 2, and 3 through midlengths and ends.

7. After color is applied through each subsection, take one L'ANZA Color Film and apply to top of the hair. Press to blur formulas together.

8. Continue taking fine, diagonal back subsections using foils and L'ANZA color films to isolate each color area until you reach the fringe.

9. In the fringe area, apply Formula 1 from base to ends, taking fine sections to ensure proper saturation. On the last 1 inch of the ends, apply Formula 2 over the top of Formula 1 to create more depth and blur together.

10. Process 20 minutes. Rinse, cleanse and condition. 



Formula 1: 16 g 6A + 12 g 6NV + 10 g 100 + 2 g B Mix with 80 g Demi Healing Color Developer

Formula 2: 20 g 8P + 20 g 100 + 1 g 1N + 1 g S Mix with 84 g Demi Healing Color Developer

Apply Formula 1 to the rst inch of new growth, and to shortest area on the sides and back.

2. Apply Formula 2 through ends.

3. Starting in the front, take 1-inch squares and divide in half. Overlay Formula 1 over Formula 2 to midlengths and ends.

4. Merge the 1-inch square by twisting the 2 sections together.

5. Continue throughout.

6. Process 20 minutes. Rinse, cleanse and condition. 



Decolorizer: 30 g L'ANZA Powder Decolorizer with 60 g 20-volume Healing Color Developer

Medium Beauty Bath formula: 30 g L'ANZA Color-Cleansing Shampoo + 30 g L'ANZA Powder Decolorizer with 30 g 10-volume Healing Color Developer

Formula 1: 20 g G Mix + 40 g Demi Healing Color Developer

Vibes Violet formula: 30 g Violet

Vibes Teal formula: 30 g Teal

1. Start at the left front hairline. Create a V-shaped section below the natural part line, approximately 1 to 1 1⁄2 inches thick, extend to the crown, and isolate with a clip.

2. Using a color board, take 1⁄4-inch sliced subsections and apply the Decolorizer formula from re-growth to ends, using back- to-back foils. Be sure to fully saturate the hair for even lift.

3. Apply the Medium Beauty Bath formula to the rest of the hair outside the foiled V section. Keep at least 1 inch away from new growth.

4. Process until desired lift is achieved. Rinse, cleanse, and condition with Healing ColorCare Shampoo & Conditioner.

5. Blowdry hair completely, isolating the V section.

6. Beginning on the right side, apply Vibes Violet to the rst diagonal subsection over the pre-lightened area and isolate with a foil. Next, apply Vibes Teal to the following diagonal subsection. Continue to alternate the colors throughout the head, leaving out the V section.

7. Apply Formula 1 to the pre-lightened area of the V section. Process 20 minutes. Rinse, cleanse and condition. 



Color: Vibes Color, Cream Decolorizer, Translucent Color Catalyst, Powder Decolorizer and Demi Healing Color Developer, all L'ANZA

Shampoo and conditioner: L'ANZA Healing ColorCare shampoo and conditioner, and Color-Cleansing Shampoo 


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