Maybe this year your heart-shaped box of chocolates will last a whole month. But if you’re more likely to have it polished off by February 15, make a deal with your partner not to sabotage each other’s health this Valentine’s Day. Try these ideas instead.

  1. Cook together. Decide on a healthy menu that includes something special you don’t normally have, such as shrimp cocktail, coq au vin, baked scallops or lean filet mignon. Pour some wine, set the table with candles and cloth napkins and appreciate the opportunity to nourish each other throughout a long life together.
  2. Get a couples’ massage. Sexy, relaxing, affordable. Place a bowl of fresh, plump strawberries between you, and this could be your perfect date.
  3. Work out together. You knew this would be a suggestion! Go for a run, cross-country ski, rent a tandem bike, find a hoop at a school for a flirtatious game of one-on-one basketball or share your favorite yoga poses.
  4. Dance. Mix it up with fast tunes and slow, romantic ballads. Dancing is such a great way to burn calories, stay flexible and have fun right in your own home. We don’t dance enough!
  5. Make sex special. Scatter rose petals, and plan to spend more time than usual getting truly intimate with each other. Try something you’re usually too rushed or inhibited to do.
  6. Exchange poems or letters. Find a cute blank-inside card or some pretty stationery, and write out what you love about each other. Make this an annual tradition, take it out to reread periodically during the year and watch your relationship improve.
  7. Top off the day with dark chocolate. Get the good stuff, but just a little! Treat each other like the sweet things you are.

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