Now that you’re drinking more water, are you just a teensy bit bored? Don’t grab a Coke! Instead, add flavor with these six “odd couple” mixing ideas from anti-aging specialist and board-certified osteopathic physician Dr. Christopher Calapai, dubbed the “Stem Cell Guru” by the New York Daily News, and a leader in the field of stem cell therapy.

Mango Ginger Water
“Mangoes contain so many vitamins that help boost your immune system,” Calapai reports. “They have antioxidants that maintain youthful glowing skin and aid in the production of blood cells. Ginger is helpful in fighting infection, has been linked to lower cholesterol levels, may reduce muscle aches and helps digestion.”

Grapefruit Rosemary Water
Grapefruit is a natural fat burner, boosts metabolism and cleanse your liver. “Rosemary improves circulation and sends more blood to the brain, which is linked to greater concentration and potentially reduces risk of Alzheimer’s,” says Calapai.

Melon Mix Water
Fill a pitcher of water with cut-up watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe chunks, and let it sit overnight. “This melon variety tastes great and is amazing for your skin,” says Dr. Kally Papantoniou, board certified dermatologist and clinical instructor at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. “Melons are immensely hydrating and chock-full of antioxidants, plus they contain vitamins that promote collagen production.”

Citrus Mint Water
Cut up your favorite citrus fruits and add crushed mint. “Adding mint to your water improves digestive health and can speed up your metabolism,” notes Calapai. Papantonio adds, “Mint contains salicylic acid, a potent acne fighter, as well as having anti-inflammatory properties.”

Cucumber Lavender Water
“Cucumber contains minerals like magnesium, potassium and silicon, an especially healthy mix” says Papantoniou. Calapai adds that cucumbers are powerful detoxifiers, flushing out any waste in your system. He says, “Adding crushed lavender to the mix not only gives the water a beautiful aroma, but also can help digestion, as lavender contains polyphenols that reduce bad bacteria in your gut, making your system run smoother.”

Pineapple Coconut Water
Pop some large pineapple chunks into your favorite brand of raw coconut water and refrigerate overnight to achieve piña colada flavoring for your water. Coconut water contains fast-hydrating electrolytes, which pure H2O does not. “Pineapple is yet another fruit that aids in collagen production, which plays a major role in bone health and tissue repair,” says Papantoniou.

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