Is it Time to Reinvent Yourself? 5 Signs It Might Be Time to Transform

 A frog’s serenade is music to my ears, and I can’t ever look away from the whimsical flight of a caterpillar, now a beautiful butterfly. Do you suppose the tadpole or caterpillar had a moment of trepidation thinking of the dangers of reinvention? Did they ask themselves, “What if I fail?”

Deciding to stick with a situation, or go for something new, is one of the hardest decisions. Should you let go of a relationship and start fresh, a job, and the city where you live, or come out of the closet?

 During slow salon days, personal reinvention is on many salon professional’s mind, “I should have been an actor, painter or maybe an astronaut.” I really admire those who stick with something they don’t like because I never have. Don’t get me wrong; I do things I don’t like, like a colonoscopy, the occasional brussel sprout, but not on a continuum.

 What are the telltale signs your caterpillar days are ending and you must begin spinning the transformational cocoon as soon as possible?

 Great dissatisfaction with your job and the salon you work with.

  1. You worked so hard to get where you are, so may as well stick it out?  
  2. You are fed up with clients; you just cannot handle any more chatter.
  3. Too much hanging by the water cooler talking trash.
  4. You know everything, and have no interest in learning anything new
  5. Your job is like mining for gold. No interests in anything but the daily take.

Start spinning your silk because you just might be a lot happier doing something else, or doing what you do now, in a revised and revitalized manner. Cut your hair, bleach it up metallic silver, take some classes, or move to Australia.

If you decide to go for it, I do not wish you luck, I wish you grit. In all my training years, the only common characteristic of winners is never looks, physical health, personality or brains--it is staying power. The passion for your dream, coupled with a powerful motivation to make it happen, is what I wish for you.

What if you hit a dead end? You can’t because there is a reward for true grit, you probably don’t know this yet, but you discover your magical ability to reinvent yourself endlessly--again and again.  And, this is your true beauty.

 Carlos is a beauty consultant, trainer, author and stylist for the professional beauty industry based in Tucson, AZ where he serves his salon clientele.   


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