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The colors and textures in the Corrosion collection by the Royal Artistic Team were inspired by the corrosion of different types of metal, and how the surfaces become rougher the longer it's exposed to moisture.

Rust occurs when iron or steel, that contains iron, is exposed to oxygen or moisture over long periods of time. This is what we found most fascinating and we loved the colors and textures that appeared after this exposure occurred. We wanted to recreate some of these colors that inspired us and try and to also create unique textures in the hair.

Texture is the focus of the collection varying through really long and very short styles. Variations in geometric shapes, sharp lines and natural movement in the hair are enhanced with dual textures, incorporating wet and dry styling. 

Makeup is flawless and natural—warm, soft tones around the eyes, and soft natural tones for the lips; the perfect accompaniment to the coloration and textural intrigue of the hair.

The images are cropped closely, no lower than the waist to lure the eye to the textured fashion pieces that are an assortment of white and nude tones with high necklines, textural lace, transparent fabrics exposing skin. Styling is the epitome of sexy, sensual, seductive high fashion.  

Everything is tied together perfectly imperfectly with the rough brick/concrete wall as a backdrop with lighting that enhances the color work and texture; lighting will elicit a light and dark effect on the hair.  

The overall ambience is unrefined beauty, imperfection, rawness, movement and texture.

HAIR: Royals Artistic Team (Mary Alamine,  Travis Bandiera, Emma Gottwald, Blake Patterson) PHOTOGRAPHY: David Mannah
STYLIST: Vass Arvanitis
MAKEUP: Casey Gore

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