Color by Melvin Royce Lane
Color by Melvin Royce Lane

Melvin Royce Lane, a hairdresser in Melbourne, shared this cotton candy dream on his Instagram. 

The process took five-and-a-half hours and the result is a frothy fantasy of pastels. 

Started with a natural level 2 regrowth and existing level 8 on zone two and level 9 on zone three.

Formula 1: Redken Flashlift + 20vol / 6% + Olaplex No.1

Formula 2 : Redken Flashlift + 30vol / 9% + Olaplex No.1

Formula 3: Manic Panic Mermaid

Formula 4: 1/4g Manic Panic Blue Moon + 3/4g Blue Steel

Apply formula 1 to regrowth area and process for an hour. Rinse and apply Olaplex No.2 for 10 Mins.

Apply formula 2 through zone 2-3 process until a pale yellow has been achieved. Then apply Olaplex No.1 + water treatment (Stand Alone Treatment) for 10mins then No.2 for a further 20 mins.

Towel dry the hair thoroughly then apply formula 3 through zone 1 and stretch out to zone 2 then apply formula on to zone 3 and stretch out to zone 3.

Total time: 5.5 hours

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