Step 7.
Step 7.

Nail art doesn't have to be complicated or take a super-steady hand. Grab a magazine or newspaper, a few supplies, and you're all set to create this newspaper nail effect! 

10 Easy Steps to Create Newspaper Nails1. To get this newspaper effect, begin with a base coat.

2. Apply two coats of nail polish--a lighter color works best to get the full effect.

3. Once nails are dry, prepare a small amount of alcohol in a bowl.

4. Then, find type on a newspaper or magazine you like. We chose an old issue of MODERN SALON.

5. Cut 10 small strips out of the paper that are big enough to cover the nails.

10 Easy Steps to Create Newspaper Nails6. Soak all of the strips in the alcohol until saturated.

7. One by one, apply the strip to the nail, holding the paper as if you were applying a fake tattoo.

8. Remember, if you press it on too long, the polish will stick to the paper.

9. Roll the finger as you pull the newspaper off the nail. The text sticks to the polish.

10. Apply a top coat and you're done!

10 Easy Steps to Create Newspaper Nails

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