How-To: Home Run Style on Kansas City Royals Drew Butera


As a lifetime baseball fan and Kansas City native, stylist Brooke Allen truly has her dream job. She works with the Kansas City Royals baseball team, styling hair for many of the team members including catcher, Drew Butera. Allen specializes in men’s hairstyling, having a 95% male clientele at Chop Tops Hair Company of Kansas City.

Once Allen had styled Butera’s hair, he was sold.

“He believed in me,” Allen says. “Drew wanted me come to the stadium and cut the other guys’ hair. I have paid hundreds of dollars to watch baseball in that stadium. I was completely in awe to meet the players!  Drew put down money for everyone to get their hair cut.”

Allen has since worked on many of the team members as well as members of visiting teams, and she styles with 18.21 Man Made Grooming products.

“Once every home stretch I take my box of tools and clean up the guys. Drew is an amazing guy. I have a friend whose son was in the hospital fighting leukemia.  When I told Drew about him he immediately visited his bedside to make this kid’s day and give him hope. The players really are wonderful people.”

Here is how she achieves Butera’s signature style:  “Drew is famous for his ‘hair flip’; when he makes an awesome play on the field he takes off his hat and flips his hair! It’s his signature move and having that hair longer on top of the head is key. He wants a natural look with no product running into his eyes while sweating during a game. “


“My priority is to clean up his neckline and hairline so it looks neat when they are doing a close-up on camera.  We don’t do a skin fade as he doesn’t like it too short on the sides, which looks bald when he’s wearing a hat.

Because his hair is very fine and straight we do a razor cut; using scissors on straight hair is too blunt and gives a choppy, sharp angled look while the razor gives a serrated, lived in look. His hair is longer on top and he has a strong, natural cowlick that works to his advantage with the style.” 


Step 1:  “We blew dry his hair with Man Made Clay for volume. The clay has a lot of grit and gives great texture.  You can put it in damp hair and dilute it for a lighter hold; put it in dry hair for more hold and blow dry it for more of a natural look, giving control without stiffness.

Step 2:  “We always finish with Premium Hairspray for a natural look that doesn’t weight hair down.”


Photo & Video: Aston LaFon

Men's hair cut and style: Brooklyn Allen and Drew Butera of the Kansas City Royals.

Hair: Brooklyn Allen @Brooklyncut4u

Model: Drew Butera @DrewButera

Song: "Lucky You" by Blackbird Anthem @BlackbirdAnthem

Location: J Rieger Distillery @JRiegerCo

Products: Clay, Paste and Premium Hair Spray by 18.21 Man Made.


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