How to Talk to Clients With Thinning Hair
Viviscal Professional

Hair thinning can be a sensitive topic. How should stylists approach the subject?

“First ask: If you could change one thing about your hair, what would it be? The client’s typical response is: Fuller, thicker, longer hair or hair that grows faster. Reviv3 will help accomplish all of this.” Strategically place product information at your station to prompt clients to open this dialogue.
—Donald Starace, stylist and Reviv3 VP sales and education

“I’ve been a stylist for 15 years, and many of my clients are older than 40—just when you start to see the effects of aging on the scalp and hair; it’s critical that I have solutions for their challenges. I start with a detailed consultation concerning how and why they might be losing hair. There are several options on the market, but my go-to solution is Bosley Professional Strength.

"Women will generally bring up any thinning or excessive shedding issues right away. I will then recommend Bosley Pro and explain how it works. Your male guests will not usually bring it up, but they might make a joke about it. However they broach the subject, I let them know I can help if they are interested. I let them take the lead. Men, as a rule, don’t like change or too many steps, so I will suggest starting with the Bosley Pro Nourishing Shampoo first and let them see how it works for them. As their hair grows and increases in density, I will add other Bosley Pro treatments to their regimen.”
—JB Shelton, owner of Detour Salon & Style in Anderson, IN

“The key comes down to the consultation with the client. If you focus only on their desired look from visit to visit, you could miss the opportunity to find out how their hair has changed over the years. Always dig a little deeper by asking what your client likes about their hair and if they could change anything, what would it be? Including a few extra questions before beginning a service will show your client you are interested in more than just the current service—you are interested in helping them feel beautiful for years to come.

"If they mention thinning hair, I always suggest an in-salon application of the Éprouvage Restorative Scalp Treatment. This treatment includes Redensyl, a powerful ingredient that stimulates hair growth. I also recommend a follow-up regimen from the Éprouvage line to help them address their hair concerns at home.”
—Suzy Henningsgard, Éprouvage global education manager

“I ask clients if they noticed any recent hair thinning and if they say yes, I tell them about hair vitamins and how they can help. But generally, clients will approach me first about their thinning hair. Usually they will bring it up first in our initial consultation, and you don’t have to be too sensitive about it because women know themselves; they know if their hair is thinning, and they are only too happy when I have something to help them.”
—Neil Weisberg, who uses Viviscal Professional at Meche Salon in Beverly Hills, CA

“For women, hair is a big part of our identity. Discussing hair loss is not easy, however, I found that instead of pretending it is not happening to spare my clients’ feelings, I tackle the discussion head-on. I start the conversation around our appointment plan: ‘Are we coloring, highlighting, cutting, styling?’ If I see a change in hair density, the conversation changes; I always provide some type of treatment solution in addition to a new color technique or style change, to help camouflage the thin hair. They leave feeling confident; they have a plan of action, and they look great.”
—Cris Baadsgard, owner of Scene Salon in Dallas, Évolis user and Certified Hair Loss Practitioner (USTI)

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