Healthy Hair & Hair-Loss Prevention Starts at the Scalp

MODERN SALON recently surveyed both salon professionals and consumers on habits, perceptions, demographics, trends and opportunities shaping the evolving salon service and professional product category MODERN calls HAIR+. This sector of the industry includes trichology, thinning hair, extensions, enhancements and scalp care.

The category is booming: Extensions, wigs and hair pieces have shifted from taboo hair-loss camouflagers to fashion statements and solutions to achieving hair goals. Beyond that, clients have become less modest about the conversation surrounding hair loss and hair thinning, willing to explore hair growth options at a younger age through preventative measures, or treat hair loss in the form of topicals and supplements as it begins to thin.

The hair-enhancement category is only going to continue growing. With an aging population, a range of medical and hormonal challenges, a variety of new products and technologies, and an increased interest for on-demand hair-enhancement solutions, there’s a greater need than ever for salon professionals to understand hair loss and hair enhancement—and how to provide the expertise and direction to best service clients.

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