Summer Add-On Services to Grow Your Business

For those running an independent business, a great way to grow profits this summer is by offering seasonal add-on services that will give clients that something extra, and give your final ticket price something extra, too. We asked our Solo Artist Advisory Council to tell us about the services that are lucrative and on-trend for this summer. Recommend these add-ons to clients and watch your average ticket price rise. 

Moisture Indulge Treatment

When clients come to the salon with hair damaged by exposure to sun and chlorine, offer them an add-on service that will restore the health of their locks.

“As we all know, during summer months the hair loses moisture,” says Lisa Marie Garcia, president of innovation for Farouk Systems. “Use the CHI Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Deep Protein Masque, a protein strengthening masque that not only reconstructs the hair, but also enriches the hair with immediate shine and moisture. The infused Olive & Monoi oils within this product have been known to rejuvenate, stimulate and hydrate the hair cuticle from root to end. For intense penetration, use low heat.

This service can be customized to any hair type such as but not limited to: chemical treated, textured or highly textured. CHI Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Deep Protein Masque Treatment will help prevent sun and chlorine damage.”

Bold Pops of Color

Vibrant color continues to be a huge trend moving into summer. An ideal way to introduce it to clients is by offering a quick, bold color add-on service.

Framesi's add-on service techniques utilize simple diagonal blocks, placed under the parietal ridge (side of the head) for a peek-a-boo effect, or placed above the parietal ridge for a true bold experience," says Jeremy Todd Abraham of AFH Salon, Annie Fisher Hair and Framesi Italian style team member. "The new Framesi FramColor Bold are direct dyes that are true to swatch and stay true to tone with stunning visual results showcasing healthy, shiny hair. The favorite Bold color trends for spring/summer are combinations of Bold Red and Teal paired with chocolate shades for the base, or peek-a-boo placements of Bold Coral, Pink and Orange hues throughout luscious blonde hair."

Abraham recommends scheduling the client's next visit before he or she leave the chair so that they are encouraged to come back and try a different mood of color or an add-on to their last bold color experience.

Condition After Lightening

Summer months are full of lightening services, but ensure that when you send clients home with blonder locks, you’re also sending them home with healthy hair.

“I find that packaging a lightening service and a conditioning masque is an easy upsell,” says Solo Artist and Joico Global Artist Ricardo Santiago. “I like Joico Lusterlock and typically encourage clients to add this service on as a I begin to work on their hair or at the time we consult. I always group that treatment with any lightening service because it helps to really close that cuticle back down and makes the hair feel like a million dollars from the inside out. This treatment only takes an extra 15 minutes or so and yields additional revenue.”

Damage Repair

Summer is often a time when clients experiment with bolder coloring services and styling, which can take its toll on hair’s health.

“A great add on service to offer clients this season is the Kadus Professional Rescue It Service, an emergency treatment for damaged hair,” says Evelyn Ayala, Kadus Professional education manager. “In the summer clients are going to the beach or the pool and are heavily exposed to the sun. All of these elements can cause hair damage and can make hair dull. The Rescue It Service can be done in about 10 minutes or less at the bowl, making clients hair stronger and shinier. This would also be a great opportunity to earn a little more cash and have them go home with Kadus’ Visible Repair shampoo, conditioner and mask along with some Velvet Oil to help protect color from the sun.

To perform the service, you need one ounce of Visible Repair In-Salon Treatment and two to three drops of Velvet Oil. Mix the Rescue It Treatment in a bowl. Apply section by section to the hair with a brush or spatula and develop for 5-10 minutes. Apply Velvet Oil in the mid-lengths and ends if needed and leave in for stronger, smoother and shinier hair.”

Customized Treatments

Paul Mitchell's Robert Cromeans says that when it comes to add-on services, think treatments. "The top service in salons today is hair color, especially highlights and gray coverage," Cromeans says. "This creates a huge opportunity for specialized treatments in the salon. Not all hair is damaged the same so using our professional authority we can make great treatment recommendations for each and every guest."

In Cromeans' salon, the treatment menu speaks to the various ailments that clients are experiencing and provides a remedy. For example, for damaged hair he recommends the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratriplex Treatment; Split Ends are cared for with the MarulaOil Rare Oil Intensive Hair Masque; color addicts should maintain hair's integrity with the Ultimate Color Repair Mask; dry hair can be moisturized with the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hyrdratriplex; and frizz can be calmed with the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Mirror Smooth treatment. 

Even without gaining new guests, when you upgrade your current guests with add-on treatments, average service tickets will increase and so will your income. Cromeans says to get started by setting a price that makes treatment services an affordable luxury. Create an indulgent experience with candles and hot towels so that the treatment really stands apart from what other salons offer. Then, set a goal for the number of treatments delivered each day.

Layer Treatments

Stephanie Polansky, director of education and shows for Sexy Hair, points out that some clients may benefit from more than one add-on. Build additional treatments into the service you offering and explain how they improve hair's condition and enhance the service. For example, one add-on duo Polansky likes to recommend is a clarifying treatment followed by a moisturizing mask. She uses Style Sexy Hair Detox Shampoo, which is color-safe, for three minutes to remove impurities, followed by Strong Sexy Hair Core Strength Mask for five to ten minutes. 

These services are appropriate for summer when clients are tougher on their hair. "They swim, sit out in the sun, pull their hair back and sweat," notes Polanksy. "These factors cause hair to become dull, fragile and dried out." Plus, when clients experiment new summer color, the clarifying treatment will help the color to adhere better and last longer, while the moisturizing treatment improves its condition after the chemical service. 

To introduce the topic of add-ons, Polanksy says to open a conversation with your client, saying “your hair feels dull and dried out. Do you have 10 extra minutes today?” Clients will normally respond yes. After that simply say, “Let’s do a treatment to brighten and strengthen your hair before your haircut. The cost will be [insert your price here], but so worth it to save the integrity of your hair.”

Color Upgrade

Tammy Feltner, regional education director, TIGI Americas, enhances color services by doing a conditioning/glossing treatment using Bedhead Colour Trip Clear, a semi-permanent color that she uses directly out of the tube—no activator or developer required. 

"I explain to my clients that have dry or moisture deprived hair that this service will give their thirsty hair a refreshing drink of hydration and shine," Feltner says. "It can be used on any hair type to seal the cuticle and create high shine, without affecting the natural hair color."

Bedhead Colour Trip Clear contains hydrolyzed keratin and coconut oil to create strength and moisture. For this reason, Feltner finds it beneficial to use as a standalone treatment, and also after coloring or toning services to act as a sealant.

"It closes down the cuticle to seal in the color and makes all my color services look more radiant," Feltner says.

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