BALAYAGE: The Five Most Common Mistakes and Misconceptions

It's important to make mistakes - how better to learn what NOT to do!

MODERN checked in with color and balayage expert Eva Scrivo, owner of the Eva Scrivo Salons and Academy in NYC, asking her to weigh in on the topic. Here she shares her top five:

The Five Most Common Balayage Mistakes & Misconceptions. 

  • Assuming you cannot achieve bright blonde. When using the proper amount of product and correct processing time, pale blonde is possible!
  • Prematurely using heat. Allow for the hair to lift on its own time.
  • Wrong product- what works with a foil doesn't always work for balayage - such as a lightweight powder lightener.
  • Too much product at root - the art of feathering is key for balayage.
  • Charging your client the same as a foil service. Balayage is an art form that takes years to hone. Raising your prices accordingly shows a level of respect to your craft.

Scrivo regularly holds classes for colorists of all levels. For more info go to

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