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Madison Bourne (@madhair_) of Fullerton, CA, just loves her job. "Each 6 hour color correction, each haircut disaster, and each stressful client challenges you," she says. "BUT, there are those amazing clients who become your family, those appointments that change your clients lives and warm your soul, and the improvement that you achieve with time and education that changes you for the better. It changed me. I've become a better person from being a hairstylist in only 3 years. I can't wait to see what is next."
Next was this client who offered an interesting challenge. "We started our hair journey one year ago. This client was looking for a softer, more blended look at the root, so we did an ombre. Since then, we've done every shade of red/red violet on her base and every shade of pink/violet on her ends. Her most current color (not shown) was a faded 6VR Kenra color base, level 9 ends with remains of Pulp Riot 'Cupid' scattered on her ends." 
At her most recent visit, in preparation for a potential move, "we decided to go a little darker to prolong the dreaded fading until she could get back to the salon and a haircut."
Here Bourne offers the details for this latest color design on this interrupted journey:
Base-Mid: Kenra Professional Color 3VR /10 vol
Bring Up Blend: Guy Tang Mydentity Creme Lightener / 20 Vol 
Tone: No Yellow Shampoo Fanola
 2nd Process:
Root-Alternating mid lengths: "Violet" with Drops of "Nightfall" 
(Pulp Riot "Violet" was mixed with drops of "Nightfall" until I was pleased with the depth and tonal aspect of the violet to combat her warmth in the new lightened pieces from the previous red)
Ends: Pulp Riot "Blush"
Kenra Professional Color: 3VR was applied first to the new growth and through the mid shaft. Then directly after that application I went in using Guy Tang Mydentity Creme Lightener / 20 Vol and brought up the blend of her ombre (since we cut the bulk of her blonde ends off) using the "w" and "v" painting techniques, making sure to skip the ends to not over process, and isolating / incubating those with saran wrap. Let those process until the hair lifts to a level 8/9. (around 20 mins to make sure proper lift and also complete processing of the base color)
Then shampoo at the bowl with VERB Hydrating Shampoo followed by "No Yellow" Fanola Shampoo to tone for 5 mins. Next, rinse and blow dry 100%. 
2nd Process: On dry hair, the Violet formula was applied to the base and pulled down to just to the saturated area of the ends first. Then after that was completed, the violet formula was pulled down 25-75% more into the ends with diagonal back FINE sub sections, (alternating the lengths to ensure no harsh lines and fluidity) and followed immediately after with the application of "blush" to the very ends. Finally, taking two CLEAN fingers and blurring the two (violet & blush) together to give more blend security.
Slowly piece by piece I continued around the head checking for balance of color. Then let that process for 20 mins, rinse with freezing cold water and condition with VERB Conditioning Mask for 5 mins. Blow Dry and Style! 

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