The Cricket Company Brand Ambassador Joel Sharp
The Cricket Company Brand Ambassador Joel Sharp

 The Cricket Company Brand Ambassador Joel Sharp is an award-winning cosmetologist/barber who stays busy “putting hair on the floor” at a classic barber shop in Reading, PA. We asked him to answer some questions about making the male client a regular.

 Q: How can salons and stylists make men feel welcome?

  A: Men will always want to feel manly. Take a quick moment to greet them with a solid handshake. Welcome them to the establishment and make them feel like they are your number one priority.

 Most men enjoy things like beer, sports, music, cars, and motorcycles. Try to brush up on some topics you might not be familiar with so you have things to talk to him about. This will make them comfortable and help you build a lasting rapport.

Q: How do stylists help their client determine the style that is right for them?

A: Consultation is key. Make sure to ask all the right questions upfront and educate the client on what to expect so they are clear on why you are recommending a specific style.

Head shape and natural lines are incredibly important. For example, if a client with a round head shape is looking for that Brad Pitt 'Fury' look you might need to leave some bulk above the ridge to make it work. I find my Cricket 7” Roc-it Dog Shears work great for this type of detailing.

 Warmer weather usually brings tighter fades. Business minded clients typically stick with the tight skin fades but will require a more blended appearance on top. And I always recommend my clients start skin fades early to avoid tan lines.

 Q: How can stylists retail to men?

 A: A lot of men don't know much about post-cut hair care. Educate them! Discuss products, optimal styling techniques, and what tools to invest in. Most guys only have a pocket comb and maybe some pomade. I know James Dean was known for those items but the king of cool probably used a blow dryer at some point as well. Let your clients know they are not alone and that styling products and tools aren't just for the ladies anymore. 

Q: What are some trends you’re seeing in men’s hair this summer?

A: The trends for the summer months will see short sides and highly textured tops. The short sides are a result of the heat and wanting less insulation, if you will, while the textured tops are due to the beach and pools. Not a joke! Guys will want an easy, messy style to deal with while on vacation or after a dip. These styles might be long or short but have the advantage of being easily maintainable. Why spend time on a pomp or combover when you're just going to mess it up anyway? Just blow dry straight up, throw some product of your choice in, and get a loose, spiked, or tousled look going. 

Q: What kind of send-off will bring a male client back through the door for another appointment?

 A:  Finish up by letting them know how good they look. Everyone loves to hear it and it makes you seem confident in your work. Take a picture of, or with, them and setup a quick one-liner like, ‘Watch out for the paparazzi when you leave here.’ If the client posts the picture to social media, you get some free advertisement. Not to mention, he will leave with a smile, and you'll inflate the male ego a bit, too. 


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