Color, style, makeup and photography: Michael Haase
Color, style, makeup and photography: Michael Haase

A Wella palette that shows juxtaposing color elements was inspired by the sea as it turns gray. The light tells everything, and combining that light with fabric suggests gray flannel. To achieve the effect, the panel in the front has to be perfect with an almost “still” color formula.

Natural level 4
Formula 1: Wella Freelights with 12% developer, mixed as needed
Formula 2: 10 g Wella Color Touch 5/97 + 2 g 4/6 with 4% developer
Formula 3: 20 g Koleston Perfect 10/8 + 3 g 0/88 + 1 g 0/65 with 6% developer
Formula 4: 20 g Innosence 10/88 + 5 g 7/18 with Pastel Developer

1. Section hair with 1 triangle on top and 2 triangles moving down the left and right sides of the head in the back. They should start at the crown and move to the nape. Use Formula 1 to balayage hair in a standard application, making sure to go closer to the base in the top triangle. Process 30 minutes, shampoo and rinse.
2. Next, apply Formula 3 to both the right and left triangles in the back of the head. Apply the formula from base to ends.
3. Apply Formula 2 to the rest of the hair, from base to ends, excluding the top triangle. Work from the parietal ridge to the hairline; in back, move from the hairline up. Process 30 minutes, timing from the beginning of the application.
4. Working quickly, apply Formula 4 from base to ends on the top triangle, saturating completely. This formula requires the least amount of processing time—about 20 minutes.

Color, style, makeup and photography: Michael Haase

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