Golden hair gleams with dimensional color.
Golden hair gleams with dimensional color.

This Pravana color melt creates gorgeous, soft and reflective hair. It’s ideal for clients looking for a brighter, bolder color for the warmer months ahead.

Natural level 5
Formula 1: 30 ml Pravana ChromaSilk 6N with 45 ml 10-volume Pravana Creme Developer
Formula 2: 30 ml Pure Light Power Lightener with 90 ml 20-volume Creme Developer
Formula 3: 20 ml ChromaSilk Express Tones in Natural with 30 ml Zero Lift Creme Developer

1. Divide hair into four sections with partings that move from nose-to-nape and from ear-to-ear.
2. Starting in the back, take fine, horizontal slices and apply Formula 1 to the new growth. Pull the color down 2-3 inches, as you saturate the area.
3. Next, apply a generous amount of Formula 2 about 1 inch away from where Formula 1 ends. Blend formulas together, creating a gradient blend. Then continue applying Formula 2 down to the ends. Place the section in a foil.
4. Continue the application procedure, as you work up the head. Once hair is foiled, process 30 minutes or until you reach level 8. Shampoo and rinse.
5. Apply Formula 3 to ends and process 5 minutes. Shampoo and condition.

Color, style and photography: Ashley Medina Wilkinson, Pravana artistic educator

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