This look creates a rocking impact.
This look creates a rocking impact.

This look combines a sparkling brunette and rebellion of a modern woman with the dazzling effect of elegance by Organic Natural Color.

Natural level 4
Formula 1: ONC artofcolor, 1 oz 5N + 1 oz 5AH with 2 oz ONC artofcolor 10-volume developer
Formula 2: 0.8 oz Blondex with 1.2 oz 20-volume developer
Formula 3: ONC artofcolor, 0.8 oz 7N with 1.2 oz 10-volume developer

1. Apply Formula 1 from base to ends. Process 35 minutes, lightly shampoo, rinse and dry.
2. Apply Formula 2 to selected sections in the front. Seal foils and process 20 minutes. Then lightly shampoo, rinse and towel dry.
3. Apply Formula 3 to the pre-lightened sections. Process 15 minutes, shampoo, rinse and condition.

Color and style: Johana Gisell
Photographer: Craig McManis
Makeup: Jocelyn Flores

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